Siri Pisang: Rezeki on Earth


Azmannor, 2020
Watercolor on Baohong paper, 38cm x 54cm

This painting is showcased and available for acquisition through:

Younie Gallery (颜丽轩画廊)

About the Creation

Siri Pisang: Rezeki on Earth continues the watercolor series, focusing on street hawkers and their baskets of bananas. The watercolor medium blends impressionism and realism beautifully. In this scene, the bucket of bananas appears almost empty, indicating the seller’s success. A few bananas lie scattered on the ground, with two doves nearby, symbolizing the concept of sharing sustenance among living creatures. This artwork captures the charm of street markets and the universal theme of cooperation and compassion.

Specification Details

Paper Brand

Baohong Watercolour Paper

Paper Size

38cm x 54cm

Paper Weights

300 gsm (140lb)




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