Penambang (Water Taxi)


Azmannor, 2021
Watercolor on Saunders Waterford paper, 45cm x 133cm

This painting is showcased and available for acquisition through:

Younie Gallery (颜丽轩画廊)

About the Creation

Penambang (Water Taxi) is a captivating watercolor artwork that seamlessly blends impressionism and realism. It portrays classic water taxis, known as “Penambang,” gracefully ferrying passengers along a serene river at sunset. The watercolor medium creates a tranquil atmosphere with soft strokes and a warm color palette. The “Penambang” boats and passengers are realistically detailed, capturing the cultural essence of this traditional mode of transport. The artwork beautifully evokes the serenity and timelessness of river life in Terengganu, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in this tranquil sunset scene.

Specification Details

Paper Brand

Saunders Waterford

Paper Size

45cm x 133cm

Paper Weights

300 gsm (140lb)




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