Azmannor: Lukisan, Bahan, Peralatan, Teknik, Demo dan Tips


Authored and illustrated by AZMANNOR and ROSMAWATI ISMAIL

Self-Published (First edition, 2019)
42 pages, including Illustrations

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About the Creation

Azmannor: Lukisan, Bahan, Peralatan, Teknik, Demo dan Tips is the first watercolor book authored by the talented artist, Azmannor. In this artful masterpiece, Azmannor generously shares his profound knowledge and expertise in the realm of watercolor arts. From tutorials to the intricate details of materials and tools, the book becomes a comprehensive guide for both beginners and seasoned artists alike. Embark on a creative journey as Azmannor takes you by the hand, unveiling the secrets of watercolor techniques through captivating demonstrations. Every stroke on the pages reflects his passion for the art form, inviting you to explore and experiment in your own artistic pursuits.

As you delve into the book, you will find Azmannor’s artistry interwoven with invaluable tips and insights, accumulated through his years of experience since 2014. This book is more than just a compilation of techniques; it becomes a heartfelt sharing of his artistic odyssey. Immerse yourself in the rich narratives of Azmannor: Lukisan, Bahan, Peralatan, Teknik, Demo dan Tips, where art and knowledge converge. Experience the joy of discovery as you journey through the artist’s world of watercolor arts, capturing the essence of his creativity and dedication.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or an admirer of the medium, this book stands as a treasured companion, igniting your passion and enriching your artistic endeavors. Allow Azmannor’s artistic wisdom to inspire and guide you on your own artistic odyssey, as you embrace the world of watercolor arts with newfound knowledge and confidence.

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