Interaksi II


Azmannor, 2023
Watercolor on Baohong paper, 41cm x 31cm

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About the Creation

Introducing “Interaksi II,” a captivating watercolor artwork that masterfully blends the essence of impressionism and realism, inviting you into a mesmerizing world of enchanting nature. In this evocative piece, the artist skillfully captures a delightful scene of three mallard ducks encircling each other on the tranquil lake, as if engaged in animated conversation. The artwork aptly earns its title “Interaksi,” signifying the beautiful interaction among these graceful creatures.

Every brushstroke comes alive with a sense of movement and life, bringing the mallard ducks to life with remarkable realism. Their feathers, delicately painted, showcase the artist’s attention to detail, while their vibrant colors add a touch of allure to the serene setting.

The water surface steals the spotlight, flawlessly mirroring the real water surface, as the artist expertly employs watercolor technique to create a captivating play of light and reflections. The ripples and gentle movements on the lake are beautifully captured, imbuing the scene with a sense of tranquility.

Through a skillful blend of impressionism and realism, the artist conveys the essence of nature’s harmony and the enchanting world of wildlife. “Interaksi II” transports you to a serene lakeside moment, where you can almost hear the ducks’ gentle quacks and feel the soothing ambiance of the water.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Interaksi II,” where art and nature entwine in a breathtaking portrayal of serene interaction. Experience the magical allure of watercolor as it brings the scene to life, leaving you captivated by the graceful dance of the mallard ducks on the mirrored lake.

Specification Details

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 41 × 31 cm
Paper Brand

Baohong Watercolour Paper

Paper Weights

300 gsm (140lb)

Paper Color

Bright White

Paper Texture







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