Culture Vase II


Azmannor, 2023
Watercolor on Baohong paper, 45cm x 18cm


About the Creation

“Culture Vase II” dances with vibrant life in watercolor, where the brush orchestrates a symphony of Peranakan elegance. A pinkish-red Nonyaware masterpiece takes center stage, its baluster shape gracefully tapering to a footring. Against a luminous yellow background, a central motif unfolds, a canvas of phoenix and peony flowers blooming in harmonious splendor. The vase, an overglaze polychrome enamelled porcelain, boasts a narrow concave neck adorned with a lobed, morning glory-shaped gilt-edged mouth. Atop this elegant neck, a pair of red hornless dragons raise their heads towards a beautifully painted peony spray, weaving a tale of intricate artistry and cultural richness.

Specification Details

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 18 cm
Paper Brand

Baohong Watercolour Paper

Paper Weights

300 gsm (140lb)

Paper Color

Bright White

Paper Texture







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